The Emperor’s New Clothes

In an old abandoned textile factory, two children are playing. Ropes, fabrics, threads,  lamps and shadows become their toys. Children tell stories and imagine a world in which the factory reopens and their parents have a job again. The only way to achieve this in the real world is to persuade the emperor to reopen the factory. But perhaps there is another way: deception.

This original performance is an adaptation of a famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. This exciting narrative introduces children to the themes that define the modern world: politics, consumerism, globalization and the struggles for a better life. The story tries to entertain the children while offering them a reflection on the world in which they grow up.

Crew and cast

Premiere — 26. June 2020

Director Zoran Petrovič

Visual designers Toni Soprano and Monika Pocrnjić

Performers Uroš Kaurin and Tilen Kožamelj

Lighting designers Toni Soprano and Andrej Firm

Lighting and video technician Andrej Firm

Photo: Boštjan Lah

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