Group exhibition of the Slovenian Stage Photography 1991-2016 in Celje

The Group exhibition of the Slovenian Stage Photography 1991-2016 (Pregled slovenske odrske fotografije 1991-2016) is an attempt to combine all the best photographers who in the last quater of a century documented Slovenian moments of institutional and non-institutional performing arts. It is an on going exhibition; in the making. The list of authors, sites, locations, countries is expanding as the exhibition moves on.

Currently paticipating:

Nada Žgank, Sunčan Stone, Peter Uhan, Žiga Koritnik, Urška Boljkovac, Boštjan Lah, Miha Sagadin, Jaka Babnik, Miha Fras, Matej Modrinjak, Damjan Švarc, Toni Soprano, Sandra Požun, Stanislav Zebec, Jaka Varmuž, Saša Huzjak.

Curators:  Andrej Firm & sonda3

The project is supported by: Authors, Design Studio Maribor, Municipality of Maribor, GT22, Ustanova Fundacija Sonda, Slovenian Theaters

Exhibition Opening: GT22, 24.06.2016 – Festival Lent 2016

I. Guest appearance: Gallery Simulaker, 22.07.2016, Novo Mesto
II. Guest appearance: Kreativni atelje Manje Vadla, 1.06.2017 – 27.6.2017, Celje