The birth and death of the Microcosm – exploring the unbearable ease of living with yeast

With a unique perspective, the exhibition focuses on emphasizing the interconnections between microorganisms, people and the environment through art (On-going project).
Exploring the world of living images – yeastograms.

Exhibition place : konS – Kulturni Inkubator ( 28.8. – 29.9.2023, Maribor)

Production: konS – Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art + MKC + Kulturni Inkubator

Authors: Monika Pocrnjić & Andrej Firm

Photo: Ramaida Osim, Andrej Firm

Living Walls 2.1 (Hvar, Croatia)

Exhibition place : Galerija Sv. Jerolim, Hvar – Croatia

Production: Udruga Varbonj

Authors: Photonic Wall (Katja Goljat & Andrej Firm)

Acknowledgments: Goran Pakozdi

Our collection of photographic exploration went on tour to the island Hvar, Croatia.

The exhibited photographs show a series of repetitive motifs on various materials: wood, plasterboard, stone, porcelain and glass. We are exploring the range of material experimentation and photographic-lab process.

Kavč / Couch

Photo: Andrej Firm

Ulična galerija TAM-TAM, Židovska ul. Maribor,
(18.2. – 17.3. 2023)

A couch is a sofa — an upholstered piece of furniture that seats more than one person.The word couch comes from the French word coucher, meaning to lie down. Some types of couches are indeed meant for lying down. A psychiatrist’s couch, for example, was designed to make patients feel comfortable when discussing their problems.

Fran/SKKJ: kávč -a m (ȃ) oblazinjeno, navadno široko ležišče s tremi stranicami: sedeti, spati na kavču; širok, udoben kavč / raztegljivi kavč

Andrej Firm (1985) is a graduate photographer, self-employed in culture. He works in the field of documentary photography and old analog techniques.

003 / Matjaž Rušt

Production & support:
TAM-TAM Institute / Sonda Foundation / GT22 / Municipality of Maribor / Ministry of Culture / Alveola d.o.o / Cultural District Židovska

Tam-Tam Gallery

Is it Over?

Do not be one of those hysterical losers who will be running around screaming when the apocalypse comes. We have created the last safe space on the planet to protect you from the horrors of the outside world.
After an hour with us, you will be ready for the end, the end of everything.
Right before it all ends, in those last seconds, there is a moment of last wishes, last confessions and last words. Under the pressure of the inevitable end, nothing protects us from the struggle for survival. All we have left is the last gathering and the last apple. Perhaps now, in the moment of goodbye, it is time for those unspoken words to be said. You can tell us your most hidden fears and desires or your utopian dreams, which will reveal what the world would look like if we survived the end.
We are here. For you. Until the end.

Photo: Boštjan Lah

Authors of the concept:
Ariel Doron, Maša Radi Buh, Nika Bezeljak

Authors and performers:
Miha Bezeljak, Uroš Kaurin, Gregor Prah

Nika Bezeljak

Maša Radi Buh

Visual designer and technician:
Monika Pocrnjić

Lighting and space designer:
Andrej Firm

Lighting designer:
Gašper Bohinec

Sound designer:
Gašper Torkar

Language editor:
Metka Damjan

Executive production:
Lana Bauman, Nika Bezeljak

Boštjan Lah

Moment and Maribor Puppet Theatre

Premiere: November 2022
More info at / LGM

Pioneer // Pionir

Plantago plant (anthotype process)
Plantago plant (anthotype process)

Pioneer // PIONIR is a return to basics through content and technique. Abandoned, plundered and bare land is first inhabited by pioneer plants.

Before optics, chemistry and pixels, photography pioneers used whatever material was at hand. Creators Andrej Firm and Barbara Kukovec, authors of the new exhibition at the TAM-TAM Street Gallery in Maribor, have also returned to the basics, specifically analog photography and anthotype.

GT22 developed a cyclical curatorial principle for the TAM-TAM Gallery in Maribor, according to which each artist who presents himself independently in the current exhibition year chooses any author and thus becomes the curator of the exhibition in the coming year.

The exhibition is curated by Petja Golec Horvat.

Andrej Firm (1985) is a graduate photographer, self-employed in culture. He works in the field of documentary photography and old analog techniques.

Barbara Kukovec (1980) graduated from AGRFT and obtained a master’s degree from Goldsmith (UK). She is dedicated to performing arts and gardening.

10.9. – 7. 10. 2022

TAM-TAM Institute / Sonda Foundation / GT22 / Municipality of Maribor / Ministry of Culture / Alveola d.o.o / Cultural District Židovska + in cooperation with the festival Photos Maribor


The group photography exhibition “Mnogoternost” is a group exhibition of the Mišnica darkroom collective, which works in GT22.


Anja Seničar
Andrej Firm
Marko Golnar
Gregor Salobir
Žan Koprivnik

The exhibition is part of the program of the Maribor Photography Festival 2022 and was created with the support of iLabGT22, Fundacija Sonda, MišniceGT22 and the Municipality of Maribor.

Photo: Gregor Salobir

Godzilla Tribute Band

Godzilla is the queen of monsters, but also one of the biggest icons of pop culture in general. It first appeared in a Japanese film directed by Ishiro Honda in 1954 and has been the subject of thirty-six films, numerous video games, comic books, novels and TV series. We read the original Godzilla as poetry, and it has served us as a reference point for all fears, destructions and impending ends… impending.

The Godzilla Tribute Band is a collective assembled to save the world. Because we want to. Because we have to. We hold a mirror up to the world. Actually, it’s not a mirror that we hold up. It’s much more than that. We are much more than that. We are the creators of the universe. Masters of the ritual that is being created before your eyes. The storytellers of the story we have to share with the rest of the world. Guardians of the weak, the forgotten and the misunderstood. We are the mattock of social change. That is why the world has no choice but to listen to us. And finally grow up.

You will find us on the sly. In a shelter. In the underground.

Godzilla Tribute Band is an original project and is a collective work of the group. It is a performance that wants to be a concert. It is a theatre of objects, cardboard boxes, cornflakes and, above all, people. It looks for inspiration in punk, old films and exaggerated pathos.

Actors and co-authors:
Maja Poljanec Nemec, Miha Bezeljak, Zoran Petrovič
Zoran Petrovič
Marek Turošík and Nuša Komplet Peperko
Co-author of visual image:
Katarina Cakova
Lighting designers:
Gašper Bohinec and Andrej Firm
Set designers and designers of props and some musical instruments:
collective of the Razvoj Maribor institute
Gregor Salobir
Author of the cover photo:
Andrej Firm
15 April 2022, Intimate stage GT22, Maribor
Moment in collaboration with SNG Nova Gorica

More info at


My Father’s Damn Camera / Ta presneta očetova kamera!

The newest Miloš Tomić‘s stop-motion / experimental film is inspired by the work of an acknowledged photographer and one of the central figures of Maribor’s cultural life, Dragiša Modrinjak (1935-2011). My Father’s Damn Camera! was produced by Maribor-based Film Factory.

WORLD PREMIERE IN MARIBOR – 2.10.2021 Festival StopTrik

Written and directed by Miloš Tomić
Stop motion animation: Miloš Tomić
2D animation: Aleksandar Petković, Isidora Vulić 
Cinematography: Miloš Tomić, Andrej Firm 
Editor: Marko Simić
Sound design: Dako Puač, Mićun Jauković 
Music: Širom – Ana Kravanja, Iztok Koren, Samo Kutin 
Producer: Mojca Pernat

More about the film & trailer

KSPDS – How did we get here?

devised performance / Matej Recer and Gregor Zorc

»How many deaths are needed to be able to live?«

Gregor Zorc and Matej Recer – two exceptional storytellers, playfully push us into a whirl of different time periods, personal histories, stories of their parents, acquaintances and strangers. The intimate narrative is based on the horrors of the Second World War, which wrestle with the peaceful homeliness of Podgorje countryside, survival strategies in Yugoslavia with the cosmopolitanism of global capitalism, village solidarity with urban mistrust, life with death. How many disappointments do we need for true love; how much fear to muster the courage to face the unknown; how much hatred must we overcome to begin reconciliation; how many times we have to fail to find our potential; how much loss we have to endure to be happy; how many times do we have to leave to arrive; and how many deaths are needed to be able to live? 

The modern bards uncompromisingly confront us with cultural differences, different times, but the same spaces. By overturning social contexts through individual stories, they build insight into the essence of humanity. The authors talk more about us than about themselves. At the same time, their question “How did we get here?” already offers the answer: “We can only move forward together!”


04. December 2020 /Intimni oder, GT22, Maribor

Authors and performers: Gregor Zorc and Matej Recer
Dramaturgical consulting: Uroš Kaurin
Technical management: Andrej Firm (Moment) and Grega Mohorčič (Glej)
Photography: Andrej Firm and Ivian Kan Mujezinović
Video: Hyperraw Digital
Poster design: Mina Fina and Ivian Kan Mujezinović / Grupa Ee
Public relations: Maša Stošič (Moment) and Tjaša Pureber (Glej)
Producers: Zoran Petrovič (Moment) and Tjaša Pureber (Glej)
Production: Moment
Co-production: Glej Theatre
With the support of: Ministry of Culture, Urban Municipality of Maribor and Urban Municipality of Ljubljana

The Emperor’s New Clothes

In an old abandoned textile factory, two children are playing. Ropes, fabrics, threads,  lamps and shadows become their toys. Children tell stories and imagine a world in which the factory reopens and their parents have a job again. The only way to achieve this in the real world is to persuade the emperor to reopen the factory. But perhaps there is another way: deception.

This original performance is an adaptation of a famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. This exciting narrative introduces children to the themes that define the modern world: politics, consumerism, globalization and the struggles for a better life. The story tries to entertain the children while offering them a reflection on the world in which they grow up.

Crew and cast

Premiere — 26. June 2020

Director Zoran Petrovič

Visual designers Toni Soprano and Monika Pocrnjić

Performers Uroš Kaurin and Tilen Kožamelj

Lighting designers Toni Soprano and Andrej Firm

Lighting and video technician Andrej Firm

Photo: Boštjan Lah

More info: Official site