Pioneer // Pionir

Plantago plant (anthotype process)
Plantago plant (anthotype process)

Pioneer // PIONIR is a return to basics through content and technique. Abandoned, plundered and bare land is first inhabited by pioneer plants.

Before optics, chemistry and pixels, photography pioneers used whatever material was at hand. Creators Andrej Firm and Barbara Kukovec, authors of the new exhibition at the TAM-TAM Street Gallery in Maribor, have also returned to the basics, specifically analog photography and anthotype.

GT22 developed a cyclical curatorial principle for the TAM-TAM Gallery in Maribor, according to which each artist who presents himself independently in the current exhibition year chooses any author and thus becomes the curator of the exhibition in the coming year.

The exhibition is curated by Petja Golec Horvat.

Andrej Firm (1985) is a graduate photographer, self-employed in culture. He works in the field of documentary photography and old analog techniques.

Barbara Kukovec (1980) graduated from AGRFT and obtained a master’s degree from Goldsmith (UK). She is dedicated to performing arts and gardening.

10.9. – 7. 10. 2022

TAM-TAM Institute / Sonda Foundation / GT22 / Municipality of Maribor / Ministry of Culture / Alveola d.o.o / Cultural District Židovska + in cooperation with the festival Photos Maribor