Is it Over?

Do not be one of those hysterical losers who will be running around screaming when the apocalypse comes. We have created the last safe space on the planet to protect you from the horrors of the outside world.
After an hour with us, you will be ready for the end, the end of everything.
Right before it all ends, in those last seconds, there is a moment of last wishes, last confessions and last words. Under the pressure of the inevitable end, nothing protects us from the struggle for survival. All we have left is the last gathering and the last apple. Perhaps now, in the moment of goodbye, it is time for those unspoken words to be said. You can tell us your most hidden fears and desires or your utopian dreams, which will reveal what the world would look like if we survived the end.
We are here. For you. Until the end.

Photo: Boštjan Lah

Authors of the concept:
Ariel Doron, Maša Radi Buh, Nika Bezeljak

Authors and performers:
Miha Bezeljak, Uroš Kaurin, Gregor Prah

Nika Bezeljak

Maša Radi Buh

Visual designer and technician:
Monika Pocrnjić

Lighting and space designer:
Andrej Firm

Lighting designer:
Gašper Bohinec

Sound designer:
Gašper Torkar

Language editor:
Metka Damjan

Executive production:
Lana Bauman, Nika Bezeljak

Boštjan Lah

Moment and Maribor Puppet Theatre

Premiere: November 2022
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