Kavč / Couch

Photo: Andrej Firm

Ulična galerija TAM-TAM, Židovska ul. Maribor,
(18.2. – 17.3. 2023)

A couch is a sofa — an upholstered piece of furniture that seats more than one person.The word couch comes from the French word coucher, meaning to lie down. Some types of couches are indeed meant for lying down. A psychiatrist’s couch, for example, was designed to make patients feel comfortable when discussing their problems.

Fran/SKKJ: kávč -a m (ȃ) oblazinjeno, navadno široko ležišče s tremi stranicami: sedeti, spati na kavču; širok, udoben kavč / raztegljivi kavč

Andrej Firm (1985) is a graduate photographer, self-employed in culture. He works in the field of documentary photography and old analog techniques.

003 / Matjaž Rušt

Production & support:
TAM-TAM Institute / Sonda Foundation / GT22 / Municipality of Maribor / Ministry of Culture / Alveola d.o.o / Cultural District Židovska

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