Made In GT22 – On Tour

Our group photo exhibition which consists of different photographers who exhibited in the GT22 space/gallery is now on tour around Slovenia.

Making-of / Opening in Celje

Visiting group photo exhibition:

Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery (Celje, 20.6.2014 – 14.7.2014)

Art Stays Festival 2014 (Fürst house, Ptuj, 23.7.2014 – 15.8.2014)

curator: son:DA


Davorin Ciglar Milosavljevič, Andrej Firm, Katja Goljat, Janez Kocbek, Branko Blaž Lesjak, Dragiša Modrinjak, Matej Modrinjak, Peter Perunovič, Miha Sagadin, Anja Seničar, Toni Soprano Vs. Roi V.Brugalski, Rene Strgar, Alen Šmic, Boris B. Voglar

About GT22:

GT22 is inter (trans) disciplinary laboratory, which connects art, sport & life, and through organic growth and analysis establishes educational, research and production platform of audio-visual arts. GT22 is just over 1000 square meters of premises or headquarters, where currently a emerging online radio, theater experimental group, a team that develops urban film culture,  Modrinjak Photo Museum and an active photo darkroom, hacker lab, skate enthusiasts, EX-garage,  quite a few bands and an annual writer in the residence, found their place. GT22 is the headquarters of transnational guerrilla art, which operates under the patronage of the Foundation Sonda  and the support of the Oset family on the Main Square (Glavni Trg, 22) in Maribor.