The Birth of a Darkroom – Mišnica

A short inverted story behind how we built our luxurious darkroom in GT22, Maribor (Slovenia) … Of course, the darkroom is finished only after the first film and the first print have been developed.

© Miha Sagadin 



Synergies of Sarajevo 2014

Selffishstudios concluded the 3 year project Synergies of Sarajevo – expressing European identity through the eyes of the people of Sarajevo  (2012/2013/2014).
This year we also had the privilege of presenting two exhibitions at the 30th Sarajevo Winter Festival – PAFF (Peace, Art, Freedom, Festival 2014).

  •  first exhibition at Hotel Europe, Sarajevo  (26.2. – 1.3.)
  •  second exhibition at Hanikkah Gallery, Sarajevo (19.3. – 21.3)