We Are Here To Stay

Mi Ne Gremo Nikamor / we are here to stay

The romanticization of “good old times” is ritualized by people in the same way as the idealization of “bright future”. Nostalgia and utopia collide in the chaos of the present moment in which we live, where the dispersion of innumerable perspectives, truths and identities reveals itself in a lack of trust in the common and public. How do we then think or even live the utopian moment in the present and the future? Traces and evidence of life are discarded at the dump of some dystopian re-use centre. While individuals look for the worlds through which we give meaning to our existence in particular ways. The exhibition deploys an archive of personal objects from everyday life and creates intimate environments of personal monuments, which reflect the broader social context. The dialogue between the private and the public has shrunk to the bureaucratic apparatus, which is able to think only itself. It really is complex. We really want to do the “right thing”. We really do not want to “screw things up”. It’s really complicated.

Creative team: Nika Bezeljak, Miha Blažič – N’toko, Andrej Firm, Barbara Kukovec, Petra Veber

Photography: Andrej Firm

Production: Moment 

Location: Intimate Stage GT22 (Premiere, 11.5.2019 – Festival Crossings)

Update:  Maribor Is The Future PODCAST – Mi ne gremo nikamor/We Are Here To Stay