Liquid Emulsion on Wall – Preparations

Short video made before our performance and exhibition Žive stene / Living Walls on Photonics Moments 2014 (European Month of Photography 2014).

Duo Photonic Wall (Katja Goljat, Andrej Firm)

Liquid emulsion on wall (Part II.)

The hard work paid off, we made it stable and with no mistakes… A bit smaller then the first one (75 cm x 50 cm), but still a full success from the developing point of view.
More coming soon !

#Katja Goljat

2nd Cyanotype Workshop

We organized our second cyanotype workshop at ŠKUC. After the success and interest of the first workshop, we were invited to do another one. This time we expanded the workshop by adding the possibility to post-process (bleaching & toning) the cyanotypes with coffee, black tea, vinegar and other substances.  The developing was done with our UV box a.k.a. UV Sandra.