Living Walls 2.0

We (Photonic Wall /  Katja Goljat & Andrej Firm) continue to research the power of liquid emulsion and it’s relation when applied to different physical media. For this exhibition the collection consists of works in a black and white analog technique on drywalls, especially designed for CVU Batana’s gallery space in Rovinj, Croatia. It was also a special moment for us as we uncovered our new Photonic Wall logo and held a cyanotype workshop for the residents of the city Rovinj, Croatia.

Opening / Workshop

 Photo: Matjaž Rušt, Andrej Firm


Summer Cyanotype WorkShop

We spent our first summer days in 2016 for making blueprints. Check out the video !

Video: Gregor Salobir

Mišnica GT22

Photogram Workshops

Happy december is that time of the year when we get creative with the little ones. 2nd year in a row our darkroom collective Mišnica GT22 was part of the December workshop/festival  program – Vilinsko Mesto, Maribor. Once again we had some magic results in the photogram workshops, imagination has no limits when your work with kids.

Living Walls: a short silent documentary with recorded music

After the successful premiere of the documentary at GT22, Maribor the short documentary about our performance/exhibition (Liquid Emulsion on Wall) at the Photonic Moments Festival 2014, Ljubljana went viral!


Living Walls

Today, an average western person takes seven photographs per day. (Source: first google hit for “number of photos taken per day per person.”)
In June 2014, strange events took place in a small gallery hidden in some back alley in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Two – average or not, European or not – photographers resurrected an almost forgotten craft, producing merely three pictures in three days.
People came to wonder at this extravagant behaviour, in the end producing hundreds of images in just one summer evening.

This film is mostly about what they did not see …


A big thank you to Miha Sagadin (video) and Matija Dolenc (Music) !

Living Walls – Performance/Exhibition

Our performance/exhibition named Living Walls (Žive Stene) – Photonic Moments 2014 was a full success. We transformed the gallery space into a darkroom and made our first photographic triptych on the wall! The audience got the chance to witness the creation of the last photograph – live accompanied with live music performed by Matija Dolenc (In Audio We Trust).

Opening/Performance & AfterParty

Photo: Brina Sotlar, Andrej Firm

Special thanks to Jasnja Jernejšek (Photon) for organizing the event, Dime (Gallery Prostor) for lending the work space, Matija Dolenc for the live music performance made especially for this event and Miha Sagadin for helping out the entire time, plus filming/documenting the whole process!

Video – Living Walls 

More info about the event Photonic Moments 2014 – Month Of Photography, Ljubljana 

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Liquid Emulsion on Wall – Preparations

Short video made before our performance and exhibition Žive stene / Living Walls on Photonics Moments 2014 (European Month of Photography 2014).

Duo Photonic Wall (Katja Goljat, Andrej Firm)

Liquid emulsion on wall (Part II.)

The hard work paid off, we made it stable and with no mistakes… A bit smaller then the first one (75 cm x 50 cm), but still a full success from the developing point of view.
More coming soon !

#Katja Goljat

2nd Cyanotype Workshop

We organized our second cyanotype workshop at ŠKUC. After the success and interest of the first workshop, we were invited to do another one. This time we expanded the workshop by adding the possibility to post-process (bleaching & toning) the cyanotypes with coffee, black tea, vinegar and other substances.  The developing was done with our UV box a.k.a. UV Sandra.

Cyanotype Workshop

Finally we managed with Katja to organize our first Cyanotype workshop at ŠKUC, Ljubljana. The workshop was a full success and we hope to organize a couple of more in the upcoming year.

Photo: Katja Goljat

Liquid emulsion on wall

We finally did it! By applying liquid photographic emulsion on the wall, we got a light-sensitive wall and then could project a negative image, which we developed & fixed (classical B&W photo development). It was our first try, I hope many more will follow and that we get better with time…

As Katja would say, “It has mistakes, but it’s there!”

Katja Goljat
Miha Sagadin