Cyanotype Workshop

Finally we managed with Katja to organize our first Cyanotype workshop at ŠKUC, Ljubljana. The workshop was a full success and we hope to organize a couple of more in the upcoming year.

Photo: Katja Goljat

KSEVT – Out of the Cradle

KSEVT (Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies Institute) in Vitanje, Slovenia hosted the first Conference and launch of the community Out of the Cradle
on 28th and 29th of November 2013. Out of the Cradle is the joint ground for the different communities involved into methodological and practical research of the human position in outer space to intersect.


More about KSEVT – Out of the Cradle

Ana Plamenita visited Maribor

Ana Plamenita  (Ana Flames) came to town and created a great atmosphere in the city center.

This festival of fire is all about feelings, fragrances and moods, stimulated by fire. At the same time, it is a form of street art which had been introduced in Slovenia for the first time.”

Selffishstudios in Maribor

We invite you to create your own self-portrait in front of a mirror. The challenge is to be yourself in total control, limited only by your creativity and go beyond the stereotypical expressions. Feel and amaze yourself.

The studio will be located (October/November) in the heart of the city center –  GT 22 (Glavni Trg 22, Maribor)

For more information:

m. +386 41 419 100


Liquid emulsion on wall

We finally did it! By applying liquid photographic emulsion on the wall, we got a light-sensitive wall and then could project a negative image, which we developed & fixed (classical B&W photo development). It was our first try, I hope many more will follow and that we get better with time…

As Katja would say, “It has mistakes, but it’s there!”

Katja Goljat
Miha Sagadin

7th annual Eco-village

This year’s day of spring Eco-village was organized in Goričko (Village Središče), Prekmurje, Slovenia. It was a two day event, full of different lectures and workshops. Bojan and me were there to cover the event and get a closer look at the evolving  self-sufficient Eco-movement in Slovenia.

Art Center Središče

29th International Druga Godba Festival – Ljubljana, Slovenia

This year I had the opportunity to cover the 29th International Druga Godba Festival as one of their official photographers.  It was a big personal challenge as the festival lasted 29 hours non stop. 

Whole series of photos from all concerts are available at Druga Godba official facebook page

Check it out !





Synergies of Sarajevo

Synergies of Sarajevo – expressing European identity in the eyes of the Sarajevo people, is a collective artwork and is part of Sarajevo winter art festival in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

It’s an group project. Portraits are made by people who create self-portraits and tell their own stories. Also, it’s an collective project, and all people who participate in it, are mentioned as authors. The theme of the project was proposed by  Ibrahim Spahić / the director and founder of the festival. The project, tools and esthetics are developed by Bojan Brecelj.

I myself am assisting through the project both years in succession, a project in which I believe will show it’s true value in the years to come…

You can check the 2 years work at the links underneath:

Synergies of Sarajevo 2012         Synergies of Sarajevo 2013