B U M !

The first theater performance that was entirely made in the new non-institutional theater Intimni Oder GT22. B U M ! is a group project and part of a 2 year theater project Unplugged/Izštekani, managed by the organization MOMENT. The project is a mixture of drama, performance, puppet & object theater, science and art, evolving around J.R. Oppenheimer the father of the Atomic Bomb.

Premiere: 9.9.2016, Intimni Oder, GT22, Maribor

Actor: Rok Kravanja
Director: Zoran Petrovič
Dramaturge: Marek Turošik
Scenographer, Costume designer, Visual Author and Photographer: Andrej Firm

Overview of the Slovenian Stage Photography 1991-2016

The Group exhibition of the Slovenian Stage Photography 1991-2016 (Pregled slovenske odrske fotografije 1991-2016) is an attempt to combine all the best photographers who in the last quater of a century documented Slovenian moments of institutional and non-institutional performing arts. It is an on going exhibition; in the making. The list of authors, sites, locations, countries is expadning as the exhibition moves on.

Currently paticipating:

Nada Žgank, Sunčan Stone, Peter Uhan, Žiga Koritnik, Urška Boljkovac, Boštjan Lah, Miha Sagadin, Jaka Babnik, Miha Fras, Matej Modrinjak, Damjan Švarc, Toni Soprano, Sandra Požun, Stanislav Zebec, Jaka Varmuž, Saša Huzjak.

Curators:  Andrej Firm & sonda3

The project is supported by: Authors, Design Studio Maribor, Municipality of Maribor, GT22, Ustanova Fundacija Sonda, Slovenian Theaters

Exhibition Opening: GT22, 24.06.2016 – Festival Lent 2016

I. Guest appearance: Gallery Simulaker, 22.07.2016, Novo Mesto

Future exhibitions 2016/2017: Celje, Ljubljana, etc.

Photo: Marko Golnar, Gregor Salobir, Andrej Firm

Summer Cyanotype WorkShop

We spent our first summer days in 2016 for making blueprints. Check out the video !

Video: Gregor Salobir

Mišnica GT22

Slovenian Book Days 2016

The 19th Slovenian Book Days in Maribor just came to an end and were a great success. The diverse program (Book fares, Concerts, Poetry-Fairy tales readings, exhibitions, etc.)  lasted for 8 days (15.4. – 23.4. 2016).

Here are some stills…

Photogram Workshops

Happy december is that time of the year when we get creative with the little ones. 2nd year in a row our darkroom collective Mišnica GT22 was part of the December workshop/festival  program – Vilinsko Mesto, Maribor. Once again we had some magic results in the photogram workshops, imagination has no limits when your work with kids.

Animateka 2015

The 12th International Animated Film Festival – Animateka 2015 came to an end. Once again it was a great atmosphere at the festival, best working scenario If you ask me. Here are some shots’ from this years edition.

5. StopTrik Festival, Maribor

I had the chance to cover the 5th edition of the StopTrik International Film Festival in Maribor, Slovenia.

(from the official webpage)
At the moment StopTrik IFF is the only European stop motion animation film festival. Not only it serves as an exhibition stage exclusively dedicated to the achievements of stop motion artists from all around the world but also it aims to be a platform of exchange and promotion of this unique art form.

GT22 Web Page & KikŠtarter campaign

GT22 (TRANSNATIONAL GUERILA ART SCHOOL) has a new web page, fresh design and everything that goes with it.








We also started a KickStarter Campaign or “KiKŠtarter zaGT22”  as we call it. We are raising funds for our Intimate Theater in the basement.

The documentary / crowd-funding film about the cultural incubator GT22 in Maribor.

Living Walls: a short silent documentary with recorded music

After the successful premiere of the documentary at GT22, Maribor the short documentary about our performance/exhibition (Liquid Emulsion on Wall) at the Photonic Moments Festival 2014, Ljubljana went viral!


Living Walls

Today, an average western person takes seven photographs per day. (Source: first google hit for “number of photos taken per day per person.”)
In June 2014, strange events took place in a small gallery hidden in some back alley in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Two – average or not, European or not – photographers resurrected an almost forgotten craft, producing merely three pictures in three days.
People came to wonder at this extravagant behaviour, in the end producing hundreds of images in just one summer evening.

This film is mostly about what they did not see …


A big thank you to Miha Sagadin (video) and Matija Dolenc (Music) !

Premiere: Separate. Broken by. Staring Upon. (GT22 Incubator)

GT22 incubator is an educational scenography project that, through its course, aims to uncover what is still covered in performing arts. The result was a collaboration of different artists which led to the creation of an experimental performance, called Separate. Broken By. Staring Upon. The performance was part of the post festival events Platforma po Platformi.


Concept and design: Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir (Iceland) and Katarina Barbara Kavčič (Slovenia)

Music: Tim Žibrat

Dramaturgy: Nika Bezeljak

Light: Andrej Firm

Video: Miha Šubic, Miha Sagadin

Set design: Nika Bezeljak, Andrej Firm, Katarina Barbara Kavčič

Length: 0:30 min

Production: GT22, Fundacija Sonda

Co-production: Kulturno društvo Center plesaMoment MariborDruštvo za razvoj filmske kulture, MariborFilm Factory

Partner: Plesna izba MariborLutkovno Gledališče Maribor

Funded by: Municipality of Maribor


Some stills from the performance:

Photo: Miha Sagadin